Diverse talent is everywhere. The problem is finding candidates who are skill-ready to meet your needs. With a simple investment in your local community, Treehouse delivers quality candidates directly to you.

TalentPath is a scalable system for creating and retaining diverse talent for your engineering team.

TalentPath is trusted by:

The ideal partner for your company

Treehouse is the best learning platform for creating new developers. We go above and beyond to become a true partner by creating an outcome-driven program tailored to your organization’s needs.

Strong partnerships with regional non-profit organizations

Robust training program to successfully invest in diverse talent

Quality training on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for your key stakeholders

Treehouse Apprenticeship Playbook™ to create a reliable Apprenticeship and Mentorship program

“TalentPath has helped us invest in and empower underrepresented people of color and women, to give them a direct path from the community into our engineering organization.”

Eric Muntz

VP Engineering, MailChimp

Bjorn Freeman-Benson

CTO, InVision

TalentPath helped us hire high-quality diverse developers.

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Treehouse’s proven track record of successfully creating diverse talent makes us the ideal partner for your company.

We know how to successfully create a diverse talent pipeline


7 years of experience 


Partnerships with regional non-profit organizations


Robust training program


Quality training on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Treehouse Apprenticeship Playbook™

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